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Resogun Devs’ New Game, Alienation, Gets a Release Date

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Resogun Devs’ New Game, Alienation, Gets a Release Date

There’s not long left until you can blast some bugs.

Alienation, the upcoming game by Resogun developer Housemarque, will release on Apr. 26th according to the PlayStation Blog.

The Helsinki-based developer known for twin-stick shooters such as Resogun and Dead Nation revealed the date alongside a new gameplay trailer, showing off the top-down, fast-paced battles against alien races.

Alienation sees a military sub-section of the UN called the UNX taking on the aggressive Xenos. According to Mikael Haveri of Housemarque, the number of weapons available to players and the number of upgrades they can access is “enormous.”

Talking about the game, Ilari Kuittinen, one of Housemarque’s founders, said:

“We’ve always been a tech centric company and now we have the chance to prove our capabilities to the world in our most ambitious project ever”.

Housemarque’s last game, Resogun, was an arcade-style twin-stick shooter and remains one of the best-received exclusives on the PS4. Alienation is available for pre-order now on the PlayStation store.

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