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Alan Wake’s Return May Have Been Unveiled in Quantum Break


Alan Wake’s Return May Have Been Unveiled in Quantum Break

We miss you, Alan…

Back in 2010, things got spooky on the Xbox 360, thanks to Alan Wake. The psychological action-horror title made waves in the gaming community as something atmospheric, creative, and simply a joy to play, but its sequel never saw the light of day. Sure, a downloadable spin-off titled Alan Wake’s American Nightmare released, but that was all the developers at Remedy Entertainment said they would be able to bring the world. That might not be entirely true anymore, though.

At a recent Microsoft event, Hayden Dingman from PC World got to play a demo of Quantum Break that included a very interesting clue that Alan Wake’s comeback may be imminent. Back in American Nightmare, the game concluded with a hint at a new Alan Wake story titled “Return,” although that never really came to fruition.¬†Recently, however, Remedy Entertainment trademarked the title Alan Wake’s Return.

A still from the Alan Wake 2 concept demo.

A still from the Alan Wake 2 concept demo.

Dingman noticed that there was another sort of in-game TV show, which Remedy loves to put in their games. The strange and lone tent containing the TV playing this show seemed to featured footage of the actor who plays Alan Wake himself. Just as well, the word “Return” appeared.

Of course, this could all be a coincidence, or this could be more hints that the true Alan Wake sequel may actually be happening after all. Also, because this was a private event, there is currently no footage of the actual moment Dingman spoke of. Still, if this is all true, fans of the original have a lot to look forward to. Here’s hoping Alan Wake’s Return really is the successor we’ve all been waiting for, and here’s hoping it’s just as marvelous as its predecessor.

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