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5 Things Your Dark Souls Friends Always Say and What They Mean


5 Things Your Dark Souls Friends Always Say and What They Mean

Praise the Sun? Is that a yoga thing?

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Can you believe that we are only a little over two weeks away from the worldwide release of Dark Souls 3? Soon we will be able to become grossly incandescent as we make our naked run through another Dark Souls. Praise the Sun!


Oh right, I’m sorry. The unique nature of the Dark Souls franchise has created something of a second language among its fans. Think of it as slang or a secret code that members of the Dark Souls faithful use to communicate with each other and properly identify themselves with.

While this second language is fairly easy to get by without most of the time, as the days grow closer to the release of Dark Souls 3 you will no doubt notice these phrases appearing more and more on the internet and perhaps even in conversations with those close to you. Rather than living in terrified wonder as to their meaning, take a look at the meaning behind five of the most common phrases uttered by Dark Souls fans.

Mild Spoilers Ahead

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