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5 Releases That Will Define the Xbox One


5 Releases That Will Define the Xbox One

The Xbox One’s defining titles.

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Quantum Break

quantum break, overhyped

Quantum Break is the Xbox One’s big console exclusive release in the first half of 2016. With an integrated live-action television show element, it certainly isn’t your regular futuristic third-person shooter. TV show and video game crossovers have happened before. 2013’s Defiance was both a live-action show and a video game, neither of which were very popular, with the television element being cancelled by Syfy in late 2015. That isn’t to say the same fate will apply to Quantum Break, however. The TV show will be significantly more personal to the player due to its integration into the on-disc game and the way it changes depending on the player’s in-game choices. Obviously, the game’s success will largely rest on the quality of both the game and the live-action moments but, if it is good, could it prove successful enough to become a feature prominent in other games in the Xbox One’s lifetime?

Quantum Break also has the potential to be a defining new IP for the Xbox One. Interesting time manipulation based gameplay, environmental puzzles, and the aforementioned unique storytelling style could set Remedy’s game apart from other third-person shooters and make it a defining part of the Xbox One’s legacy.

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