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5 Games That Would Rock With Cross-System Play

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5 Games That Would Rock With Cross-System Play

No more warring!

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Destiny 2

Destiny, Xbox One,PlayStation 4, cross-system

Destiny’s MMO aspects mean that it’s got a pretty big emphasis on socialising. Whether it’s dancing with people at the tower, running raids with your friends, or simply jumping into the Crucible for some PvP action, Destiny is always better when you’re playing with other people. In fact, playing raids and story missions on your own just doesn’t come close to playing with others.

With Destiny being such a social experience and its first trailer showing a fully-connected galaxy (which didn’t quite come to fruition), Destiny 2 seems like it could benefit from having one large player base. PvP matches could finally allow us to settle the console wars, we could finally run raids with our friends from other consoles, and jive into the late night at the tower.

Bungie has been great coming up with special events to keep fans playing Destiny, and with a much larger player base, there is more potential for events on a much larger scale. After all, MMOs are just like parties, the more people who show up, the better and longer the party is gonna be.

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