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The Division Easter Egg Features an Ill-Fated Nathan Drake


The Division Easter Egg Features an Ill-Fated Nathan Drake

This adventurer knows no limits.

Ubisoft is not shying away from including an Easter Egg or two in Tom Clancy’s The Division. After discovering the makeshift studio hidden in a Manhattan basement, it turns out that the developers have hidden a nod to a major game. This isn’t an in-house reference, though. Instead, a certain PlayStation treasure hunter gets some time in the spotlight.

easter egg

Scattered around the snowy borough are ECHOES that are pretty much digital memories left behind by denizens of the city. Those with a keen eye will find one hidden in an apartment with a peculiarly named subject. Nate Dragon, “wanted for questioning involving high-profile museum museum thefts,” is a historian who was trapped during the outbreak. The name is an obvious shout out to Nathan Drake of Naughty Dog’s Uncharted series. The orange remnant you view even kind of resembles everyone’s favorite cocky adventurer. We won’t spoil the memory for you, but the doppelganger puts up quite the fight.

It’s always cool to see teams show a little love, even if it is in an obscure manner. Nathan Drake is a hero that has transcended the bounds of his own series, and he would’ve most definitely made a great Agent of The Division.

Have you had the pleasure of stumbling across this amazing Easter Egg? For more on The Division including guides, tips, tricks, and more information, be sure to check out our wiki.

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