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10 Gaming Memories That No One Can Forget


10 Gaming Memories That No One Can Forget

The moments we laughed, and the moments we cried.

The Moment You Got Your First Console

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The moment that every gamer gets their very own console is a special one. No longer do you have to ask that older sibling if you can borrow their handheld, or watch them play on their NES or N64 that you were only occasionally allowed to touch. Your own console was your baby, and you’d end up cherishing it for many future years to come. For this reason, you’ll also never forget that very moment you got your first console.

Perhaps it was a Christmas or birthday gift, or maybe after months of saving up, you went to the local game store and bought it yourself. However you got it, you’ll always remember opening the box, and just holding your beloved system in your hands before speedily grabbing all of the cables and plugging it in. You turn it on, put in that first game (which you’ll probably remember vividly too) and took comfort in the fact that you could now play for hours on end, and no older sibling could stop you.

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