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The 5 Most Surprising Xbox One Exclusives Coming to PC


The 5 Most Surprising Xbox One Exclusives Coming to PC

Only on Xbox One… and PC.

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Quantum Break

quantum break

Xbox exclusives moving to PC has been a controversial move for Microsoft over the last year. For some, it’s sharing the love, giving more players access to more great games. To others, it means they purchased a console when they might not have had to, expecting it would be home to exclusive games. To Microsoft, though it may seem to hurt the Xbox, it seems to be strategic. Microsoft head Phil Spencer shared a while ago that moving Xbox games to PC allows Microsoft to generate additional profits, which they can then use to improve game and console development, ultimately benefitting players.

Though opinions vary widely, it’s no doubt that some of the titles leaving console exclusivity came as quite a shock, Quantum Break being one of the most recent and surprising.

Quantum Break will be releasing on the PC the same day as Xbox One, which came as hard news for many Xbox owners looking forward to the time-control title. The title was excitedly shown off during the Xbox One’s reveal, and has remained one of the most anticipated Xbox titles for some time. It was a staple example of the kind of games fans could expect from the latest console generation. After an amazing, in-depth showing at Gamescom 2015, Quantum Break became a sure system seller. This hype, combined with a PC version announced some time after initial reveals, came as a shock to many players.

Remedy has been making great games for Xbox and PC for some time, but their Xbox platform exclusivity has historically lasted quite a bit, giving fans with PCs a reason to invest in Microsoft’s console. Alan Wake itself took two years before hitting Windows. Its sequel came a bit quicker, but still saw three months of Xbox-only play. A simultaneous release throws a wrench into this formula, and may lower its power as a system seller for those with decent PC rigs.

On the bright side, Microsoft is offering a free copy of Quantum Break for Windows 10 to those who pre-order the game digitally for Xbox One or purchase the upcoming Quantum Break bundle.

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