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These 10 Games Are Ready to Make VR Weird


These 10 Games Are Ready to Make VR Weird

Let’s take a walk on the weird side of VR!

100ft Robot Golf

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100ft Robot Golf is the golf game that definitely doesn’t take itself seriously. If you hadn’t guessed from the title, you’ll play golf as a 100ft robot, however, it seems that robots haven’t quite grasped the rules of golf. Instead, you’ll be using your gargantuan robot’s strength to your advantage to make sure you become a robot golf tour pro. That means destroying buildings to clear a path to the hole and beating your opponents as and when you see fit.

If that wasn’t enough you won’t just be stuck to the confines of a city either. You and your robot pals will take your 7 iron through snowy mountains and even tee off from another planet. 100ft Robot Golf might quite possibly be the most ridiculous golf game to date, and hot damn it looks good.

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