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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Screenshots and 40 Minutes of Battle Gameplay

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Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets New Screenshots and 40 Minutes of Battle Gameplay

Our first real look at how the game plays.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution is the newest title in the series, announced by Sega as a PlayStation 4 exclusive last November alongside a remaster of the first game. The Japanese version of the Valkyria Chronicles Remaster launches on Feb. 10 and includes a battle demo for Azure Revolution.

A batch of brand new screenshots and just over 40 minutes of demo footage surfaced this morning for Azure Revolution, with Sega releasing official screenshots later. The demo has main characters Amleth and Ophelia, as well as a new character named Brigitta taking part in a massive battle. They fight against enemy soldiers, and even a giant mech by the end.

You can watch the footage in the video below or over on Twitch, and make sure to take a look at the screenshots in the gallery.

Valkyria: Azure Revolution launches on PlayStation 4 in Japan this winter. A North American release has not been confirmed yet. However, Valkyria Chronicles Remastered was recently confirmed for PS4 in North America, releasing this spring.

You can find out about Valkyria: Azure Revolution’s heroes and main story here, and more about its battle system here. What do you think of the footage for Valkyria: Azure Revolution? It’s a good sign that Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is coming west, but do you hope Azure Revolution comes over as well?


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