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Top 5 N64 Games About Taking Pictures of Pokémon that Need a Modern Remake


Top 5 N64 Games About Taking Pictures of Pokémon that Need a Modern Remake

You’ll totally believe number 4.

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5. Pokémon Snap

Pokemon Snap

You guessed it. We’re kicking off this roundup with Pokémon Snap. This gem of the ’90s saw players take the role of Todd Snap, traveling across Pokémon Island in a journey to capture pocket monsters in a whole new way – with a camera.

Pokémon Snap quickly became a commercial phenomenon and today lives as a cult hit in the hearts of players all over the world. This generation’s Nintendo Wii U seems the perfect platform for Snap’s return, sporting improved graphics, a gamepad screen that could easily resemble a camera, and a commendable memory upgrade from the N64’s glorious 4MB.

Now for the bad news: Nintendo doesn’t seem to be rebooting the title any time soon. An interview with Pokémon game director Junichi Masuda yielded only hesitation and hints at some serious licensing issues. In reality, it may be quite a while until we see a Pokémon Snap Remake.

We’ll probably have to let this dream go for now. But not to worry. In the vast world of Pokémon photography video games, there are four other standout titles that deserve a remake even more. 

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