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The Witness: Jungle Laser Puzzles Walkthrough


The Witness: Jungle Laser Puzzles Walkthrough

Explore the Jungle.

The group of puzzles leading up to the activation of the jungle laser is one of the shortest sections in The Witness but the rule is one of the most interesting.

The jungle laser puzzles revolve around sound, making them very different to the other puzzles in The Witness. Therefore, you can’t listen to your own music and you may want to use headphones to ensure your focus is not interrupted. In each puzzle you need to match the sound made by the bird with the line you draw on the puzzle. If the bird’s tweet is high-pitched, move the line up, and down for low-pitched tweets.

The start of the puzzles is in the jungle behind the monastery. When you see a few puzzle that cannot be solved, there is a passage nearby that will take you to a set of three puzzles. This is when the chain of puzzles leading to the laser begins. The three puzzles are quite simple but get one wrong and you are locked out of the puzzle. See the solutions below.

After the first three puzzles, follow the yellow wire down the path ahead.

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