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The Vive VR Headset Price Revealed, Now Ready to Pre-order

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The Vive VR Headset Price Revealed, Now Ready to Pre-order

Ready to release in April.

The Vive VR headset from Valve and HTC is now available to preorder in 24 different countries, ready for the initial release in April.

The headset will cost $799, while the competing Oculus Rift will set you back $599 before tax. Through the headset preorder you will also get two wireless controllers, two base stations, ear buds, and accessories for the headset.

You will also get three games bundled with the Vive VR if you preorder it soon. Job Simulator puts you in a number of different roles like a gourmet chef, and store clerk. Fantastic Contraption, originally released in 2008, is a game where you need to create odd contraptions to make it to a certain area of the map. Finally, Tilt Brush by Google will let you paint in 3D, and will let you explore it from different perspectives.

These are not the only games that will be available. Valve have listed all the games on Steam that you will be able to play with the headset. Some of them can also be played regularly like Elite Dangerous, while many others will be available to buy in April when the Vive is released.

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