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The Surge, Sci-Fi RPG From Lords of the Fallen Devs, Gets New Screenshots


The Surge, Sci-Fi RPG From Lords of the Fallen Devs, Gets New Screenshots

Sci-fi RPGs are the best RPGs.

I’ve heard a lot of clamor from the Dark Souls community saying they want a sci-fi Souls type game. Well, Deck13 Interactive released a game called Lords of the Fallen some time ago, and it was described as something similar to Dark Souls. Their new game, titled The Surge, also sounds like it could be a little similar to Dark Souls, and it has a sci-fi setting. So I guess your wish might have been granted after all, Souls fans.

The Surge is set on a dystopian version of Earth where the world is on the brink of falling apart after rapid acceleration and advancement in technology. The game will feature combat where players can target specific parts of an enemy and cut their limbs off to weaken them.

“When fighting enemies, you can target specific parts or limbs to recover specific pieces of armor, weapons, or equipment you want to attach to your own exoskeleton. Of course, the best parts will often be the hardest to cut off – and they’ll usually be attached to the most dangerous enemies! Even the most common enemies can prove deadly, and the game features imposing bosses who will truly put your wits, guts and reflexes to the test.”

You can read more about the game over at Focus Home Interactive’s official website. The two screenshots, which you can check out down below, show off the the protagonist’s exoskeleton which can be used to upgrade his abilities, as well as some artwork.

The Surge is planned for a 2017 release, and it has not been announced which consoles it will be on just yet.

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