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Super Smash Bros. 4 Tips: How to Play Corrin


Super Smash Bros. 4 Tips: How to Play Corrin

No relation to corn, unfortunately.

The latest entry in the Super Smash Bros. has quite a hefty amount of Fire Emblem characters, which many might find unsettling. Nevertheless, each one has its special qualities that bring something truly great to the Smash Bros. roster, and Corrin is no exception. As a representative for the new Fire Emblem Fates that, at the time of writing this, is still yet to release anywhere inside of the US, Corrin is proving to be an excellent introduction of what’s to come. With versatility and mobility, Corrin is a force to be reckoned with, so heed these tips to refine your understanding of just how they work and how to properly demolish the competition.

Neutral B – Dragon Fang Shot

Corrin Smash

While the Dragon Fang Shot is certainly one of the strangest looking moves in the history of Smash Bros., it is also one of the most deadly. Near or far, your opponents are never safe, as this projectile can stun a foe for a certain amount time or it can chomp down on them when Corrin’s arm comes into contact with them.

Like any Smash attack, completely charging up a Dragon Fang Shot for that painful melee damage isn’t a good idea when you’re directly in front of and vulnerable to an opponent. If you’re going for that deadly chomp, then anticipate your enemy’s movements, and time it just right to turn the tides. Unless you’re planning to shoot a fully charge blast of water, in which case, blast away.

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