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Street Fighter V: How to Play Rashid


Street Fighter V: How to Play Rashid

A living whirlwind.

Rashid is one of the brand new characters introduced in Street Fighter V and his unique approach to combat is one that can make a champion out of anyone who uses him correctly. Rashid isn’t one of the stronger fighter in the game, but with a focus on large combos, and the ability to move around much more freely than others, he is just as deadly as anyone else.


Rashid has a projectile move, but it has very little forward range and is best used against up-close or aerial opponents. His ability to get out of danger lends to his usefulness as a tricky aggressor. The ability to constantly jump about and switch sides on the screen makes Rashid one of the most mobile characters in the game.

Newcomers may like him for his defensive capabilities, but he isn’t the easiest to use. So take care when choosing Rashid and be attentive to your opponents moves. 

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