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Star Wars Fan Film Awards Introduced By J.J. Abrams

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Star Wars Fan Film Awards Introduced By J.J. Abrams

Get the green screen ready.

Rogue One and Episode VIII are not the only Star Wars filmed being made in 2016. Once again, Lucasfilm is holding the Star Wars Fan Film Awards, with J.J. Abrams being involved with the announcement.

Started in 2002, the Fan Film Awards honor fan made films with a Star Wars theme. The awards ran until 2012 when they were cancelled only to be started up again in 2014.

The award categories include: Best Comedy, Best Animation, Best Non-Fiction, Best Visual Effects, Spirit of Fandom, and Audience Choice, with the winners being announced at Star Wars Celebration in London on July 15-17.

Submissions are open until April 24 and J.J. Abrams released a video message about the awards, which you can see below.

Fans and amateur filmmakers will get the chance to win a commemorative trophy, limited edition signed concept art, and merchandise by entering their creations.

More information on the awards can be found on the Star Wars website.

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