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League of Legends: How to Play Jungle Beginner’s Guide


League of Legends: How to Play Jungle Beginner’s Guide

In da jungle, the mighty jungle

Choosing the Right Champion


So many choices.

When choosing which champion you want to bring into the jungle, there are three factors you’ll need to consider: survivability, clear time, and ability to close in on opposing champions. Both survivability and jungle clear time are important in the early game, because when fighting jungle camps, you’re fighting them by yourself.

This means that unless you like staring at a grey death screen, squishy champions like Jinx aren’t a good choice. Instead, some good champions for beginner junglers include Vi, Warwick, Xin Zhao, Jax, Malphite and Shyvanna. These champions are all durable, are able to clear jungle camps well, and have gap-closing attacks that make ganks and general engages easier. Just don’t be surprised if Jax gets banned when you enter a draft pick.

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