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Gravity Rush Remastered Guide: How to Gravity Slide

Gravity Rush remastered how to slide

Gravity Rush Remastered Guide: How to Gravity Slide

Slide faster!

If you’re new to Gravity Rush, you’ll probably be wondering how you can get Kat to move faster while her feet are on the ground. The answer is simple: use the Gravity Slide. The thing is, the game doesn’t actually tell you that Kat has this particular ability, so chances are you won’t know how to execute it anyways.

To perform a Gravity Slide, simply hold the L2 and R2 buttons together and Kat will start sliding on the ground rather quickly. You can steer the left stick to change her direction and get her to move around tight corners. This ability comes in particularly handy whenever you have to chase down a target. Some challenge missions will also require you to rely exclusively on the Gravity Slide, so it’s good to get used to the ability as soon as the game starts.

You can also upgrade Kat’s Gravity Slide in the upgrades menu when you pause the game.

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