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Game Dev Responds to Cost Complaints with Nickelback Poster Prices

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Game Dev Responds to Cost Complaints with Nickelback Poster Prices

Toilet plunger and trash can prices are involved, too.

Most players would love for games to be cheaper, because money is cool. Developers would also agree that money is cool, so when one Steam commenter suggested isometric action Brigador lower its price, a developer stepped forward to disagree.

“Change the price man, $20 is too much

$15 is perfect for this game.”

Hugh “Boss Tweed” Monahan’s post goes through the  five years spent creating the game and its engine, amounting to over 10,000 hours of work for each of the four team members. He explains that without a publisher or crowd funding, the project has been supported out of pocket by the team, and will include original music, over 100 enemy units, campaign and free play modes, and “hand detailed” maps the size of downtown Chicago.

brigadier game dev steam

Later on, Monahan listed off common products that cost more than $20, notably concerned with the game’s price compared to Nickelback posters:

“As a reference point, here is a list of things that cost more than $20:

It’s bad enough there’s a Nickelback poster worth more than the game we’ve spent the last 5 years building, worse still to have people come along and announce that in fact our game is only worth about as much as this other more common Nickelback poster[]. I hope you can understand the frustration this inspires.”

The original comment has since been updated:

brigadier game dev steam

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