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Firewatch: How to Get a Pet Turtle

Firewatch, turtle, how to get, pet

Firewatch: How to Get a Pet Turtle

Everyone meet Turt Reynolds!

Firewatch throws you into the wilderness of Wyoming, surrounded by a beautiful, lush environment to explore. It may seem like a lonely job to be a park ranger, but don’t worry, you can grab yourself a little friend to make those lonely nights a little more bearable.

During the second day, you’ll be tasked with going to explore a problem with the communications. It’ll be quite a journey so be sure to keep checking your map and compass to make sure you’re going the right way. Once you emerge out of the cave you passed through the day before, keep heading North. After a while, if you check your map you’ll begin to see that the path will branch out and become a bit messy.

Firewatch, turtle, pet, how to, guide

At this point, you want to make sure to take the path to the right. You’ll see that the path then snakes around to the left (check the image above). Instead of following the path straight away, you should see a cache up on a little ledge. Just to the right of the crate is a way up there. While the contents of the cache may not be the most interesting thing in the world, your soon-to-be best friend is nearby.

Once you’ve finished looting the cache, turn around and in front of you there should be a raised rock. Sat on top of here is a little turtle. Talk to Delilah about the turtle on your radio. She’ll tell you that nobody is going to shout at you for adopting him and will ask you what you’re going to name him. Pick one of the three options that you prefer the most, and hold down circle to adopt the little guy.

He doesn’t really do much, but at least you know you’re not completely alone in the wilderness anymore. Did you pick up the turtle in Firewatch? What did you name him? Let us know in the comments below.

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