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Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright – How To Unlock All Paralogue Missions


Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright – How To Unlock All Paralogue Missions

Add even more missions to your game.

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Paralogue missions in Fire Emblem Fates are extra missions you can unlock, each allowing you to recruit an additional unit into your army. After the first paralogue, these are all children of two of your units. They have their own set of support relationships they can build, including one with their mother and father. The paralogues are based on the fathers, and unlock once they have formed an S-Rank relationship with another character.

The first six paralogue missions are available in both Conquest and Birthright, with eight additional ones exclusive to either version. Here’s how to unlock all of the prologue missions in Birthright.

Both Versions:

Paralogue 1: Tragic Start – This first paralogue is available after completing chapter eight in either version of the game. Mozu the villager is the recruitable unit.

Paralogue 2: Dragon Blood– Becomes available after the player avatar achieves an S-Rank support and marriage with a character of the opposite gender. Kana, the avatar’s son or daughter, is recruitable.

Paralogue 3: Together with Songstress – Becomes available once Azura achieves and S-Rank support with a partner she can marry. Her son Shigure joins after the chapter.

Paralogue 4: Fight or Flight – Available once Jakob the Butler achieves an S-Rank relationship and marries a character. His son Dwyer, who’s a Troubadour, joins after the chapter.

Paralogue 5: Bold Approach – Available once Silas gains an S-Rank relationship with another character. His daugther Sophie, a Cavalier, joins after the mission.

Paralogue 6: The Herb of Wishes – Availablle once Kaze has achieved an S-Rank relationship with another character. However, when playing Birthright, Kaze must have achieved at least an A-Rank relationship with the avatar by Chapter 15. If these two conditions are met in Birthright, the paralogue will be available after Chapter 15, and Kaze’s daughter Midori will join you after the mission.

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