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Dying Light The Following: How to Clear Volatile Nests Easily


Dying Light The Following: How to Clear Volatile Nests Easily

Clean them out.

Volatile Nests in Dying Light The Following

Dying Light The Following has some seriously challenging quests for brave players to embark on. Included in the infected Countryside are Volatile Nests. These are where those nasty creatures are born from, and clearing them out will make the nighttime safer for you and the survivors trying to continue surviving.

You’ll be warned that it’s better to attempt these at night, and that isn’t wrong. At night the Volatiles are out and about, so their nests are normally clear of too many threats. But they are easy during the day as well, the amount of enemies within the nests really makes no difference.

All you need is the Camouflage skill. You can unlock this when you’re Survival Level 9 and have already unlocked the Crafting Expertise Skill. This allows you to cover yourself in the guts of the infected making you invisible. You can walk right up to a Volatile and it won’t even flinch at you.

volatile nests

When you enter a Volatile Nest, there are also Virals in there (the fast infected that are very annoying). At the beginning of any nest there are only a few enemies, which means you should have no trouble clearing them out. Equip your UV light just in case. Now kill an infected (can be any type) and use the Camouflage skill. Now you can walk around as if you own the place.

Just remember to kill an enemy every 30 seconds or so. Only the one you attack will become aggressive, so take it down and use the skill again before the previous one wears off.

Your primary targets are these Volatiles sticking out of the ground as if they’re being born from the eart. Just make your way around clearing them out and once you do all the threats will vanish.

It’s possible to clear these nests without any trouble at all. So take your time and keep covering yourself with guts.

That’s all there is to clearing volatile nests in Dying Light The Following. Good night, good luck.

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