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Dying Light: How to Kill a Volatile Zombie


Dying Light: How to Kill a Volatile Zombie

How to Kill a Volatile Zombie in Dying Light

In Dying Light, you’ll face many different types of zombies that are sure to ruin your day. However, Volatile zombies are more of a night-time predator. They say, “Eh, the daytime is covered. We’ll go ahead and torment the player at night.” Indeed, these are the those gray monstrosities that you want to run the hell away from at night. If you’re a brave soul, though, you can totally take them down.

Their number one weakness is UV light. You can equip one onto your character or invest in the special UV grenades to stun and weaken them. During this weakened state, you’ll have a better chance of beating the crap out of them. Watch out, though, even if they’re stunned they are still tough. So be sure to hit them with everything you’ve got and to keep in mind that if they’re unstunned, you’ve gotta take out that UV protection quickly.

Oh, and be careful about using explosives or loud weapons. You’ll just attract more of them and make it even more trouble to kill them.

Good luck out there. Grab your strongest blade and level up some more if you’re having too much trouble against Volatiles. That’s all there is to it! If you need more help with Dying Light, though, let us know down below.

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