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Dying Light: How to Get a Bow (Bozak Hoard)


Dying Light: How to Get a Bow (Bozak Hoard)

How to Get a Bow in Dying Light (Bozak Hoard)

Dying Light brought us some paid DLC that expanded the game’s playability a bit more with Bozak Hoard. With this DLC also came an awesome new weapon that absolutely everyone should want: a bow and arrow. A longbow, to be exact. Perfect for sniping from a distance, eh? Here’s how to get your hands on this wonderful weapon.

Within Bozak Hoard, you’re tasked with defeating hoards of zombies, traversing obstacles with parkour, and defusing bombs all without any of your usual equipment. You only have three lives before everything is reset, so you’re going to have to work for the bow, which is a reward for completing all 20 trials in Bozak Hoard. The challenges are extremely tough and there’s even a warning from the developers that you might want to tackle it all in co-op to make it a bit easier.

But that’s what you have to do to get the bow and arrow. And, hey, you gotta do what you gotta do for an awesome new weapon, right? After beating this intensely difficult DLC, the gold-tier Bozak Bow blueprint will be yours and you’ll be able to also craft arrows for it. You’ll be free to use it as you please.

That’s all there is to getting it within Dying Light, though! If you need more help, let us know down below.

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