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American Truck Simulator Review

american truck simulator

American Truck Simulator Review

Back in the USA.

American Truck Simulator on PC

Hailing from the genre that is all about performing everyday jobs, American Truck Simulator is the latest game to have you trucking around. This time, though, you’ll be roaming the U.S. of A. The series returns to form and features all of the same mechanics players have come to recognize- jobs to take, skills to allocate, a business to run- but with a whole new scenery running through the west coast.

What is most appealing about American Truck Simulator and others in the series is the absolute banality of it all. You’re maneuvering a truck in a video game, but you’re still abiding traffic laws, wary of damage to your cargo, and in need of resting if you’ve been driving for too long. These ideas, on paper, might sound like the dumbest idea for a video game ever. However, there’s a certain magic to this game that isn’t easy to pinpoint.

You’ll find yourself spending hours upon hours traversing the different cities and countrysides before you realize your whole afternoon has gone to this. The game is absolutely best played in conjunction with background music or television shows as most of it is mindlessly driving from city to city. Knowing this, the developers made it possible for you to even listen to custom radio stations. The glory of driving down a long highway in real life can be graciously recreated in a game. While it’s not exactly the same, it’s 1/3 of the feeling, and that’s a wonderful thing. This is, in the purest sense, a game you play to let your mind wander and to have some fun with.

Controls are completely customizable, so you’re able to cater the experience to your liking. Want to play with mouse and keyboard? Go for it. Want to bust out a controller? Set it up in the options. Are you a person with a steering wheel controller? American Truck Simulator is not only perfect for those, it’s a must buy for any owner of one. Not only that, but you can set the sensitivities of nearly everything however you like.

The game has realism written all over it. You steer, accelerate, reverse, use headlights, set the headlights, rest when tired, pay fines from the police, and much more. However, while these can all be great for anyone that’s aware of what they’re getting into, the difficulty can be off-putting. You won’t realize how conditioned you are to cause mayhem in a video game than when you have to follow the law in order to not go bankrupt. It’s robust in its offerings and that’s not including the business side of things, where you will run your own garage with drivers for a steady income. American Truck Simulator isn’t just a fun game, it’s one of the best simulators out there.

Score: 3.5/5


  • In-depth simulator.
  • A ton of options to cater the experience to your liking.
  • Goes further than just driving and lets you run a business.
  • Realistic portrayal of the west coast of America.


  • Traffic laws could be too much for gamers to deal with.
  • Difficulty can exclude casual players.

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