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This War of Mine: The Little Ones – How to Get Food


This War of Mine: The Little Ones – How to Get Food

Nom, nom, nom, nom!



Food is incredibly vital to This War of Mine: The Little Ones. You need to have a steady supply of it, and you’ll definitely need to learn how to ration it. The first tip is that it’s okay if your survivors are a little hungry. Keep them there always, but don’t let them drop any more.

If you have Bruno in your party, your life is a million times easier because he has the Good Cook perk. This allows him to use up less ingredients when it’s him cooking up the food, even if you just have the Crude Stove. So, if you do have him, be sure to keep him alive at whatever cost.

Cooking meat alone will net you one meal, while cooking it with vegetables nets two. While the vegetable one may seem more hearty and better, it’s a lot rarer; so at the beginning don’t save your meat waiting for something that may not come. Cook the one meal and be thankful you have it at all.

If you don’t have Bruno, may god have mercy on you. Invest in the Improved Stove as quickly as possible.

Note that you’ll never find Cooked Food outside of your own home after making it yourself.

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