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The Easiest January PlayStation Trophies to Get Platinums


The Easiest January PlayStation Trophies to Get Platinums

For all the trophy hunters.

Lego Marvel’s Avengers


The trophy lists for Lego games are often quite straightforward: finish every level, collect all the relevant items, and clear up the remaining simple trophies and you should have the platinum. Lego Marvel’s Avengers is no different.

The list is made up of 41 trophies with 15 of them them being awarded for completing story missions. There are 19 trophies, ranging from bronze to gold, that require you do use certain characters or do short tasks with specific characters. Most of the character-related trophies are based on the Avengers’ story. For example, one bronze trophy is awarded for dying and respawning with Agent Coulson. The remaining trophies require players to find collectibles or complete tasks in the game’s hub worlds. A gold is awarded if the player stops 10 random crimes in Manhattan during a single session.

See the full trophy list here.

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