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Paragon Gets a Glimpse of Some Brand New Hero Gameplay

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Paragon Gets a Glimpse of Some Brand New Hero Gameplay

Epic’s MOBA looks to be shaping up.

Epic Games is getting into the MOBA game soon with their forthcoming title Paragon. After teasing characters for weeks, the company revealed their new game at the PlayStation Experience last December. Contrary to popular thought before the reveal of Paragon being a hero-shooter like Battleborn or Overwatch, Epic insists that the game is very much a MOBA.

Coming to PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2016 we haven’t seen a whole lot of Paragon so far, just an announcement trailer and a couple of clips of gameplay. Today Epic Games gave us yet another short look at some gameplay called “Mid-Lane Push” that shows off some new heroes.

The clip focuses on a few different heroes. Gadget, a girl with a giant tech backpack that looks like she can set traps to stop enemies. Feng Mao, an up close and personal brawler with the ability to teleport. Rampage, a giant hulking beast that can throw slabs of rock and leap across the battlefield, and Kallari an assassin looking character with some devastating critical moves. Take a look at the short trailer below.

Paragon doesn’t have an official release date yet, but is schedule for a 2016 release window on both PlayStation 4 and PC. Epic has unveiled a few characters so far, and more are sure to come. Do you think Epic Games can make a splash in the already busy MOBA market? Are you already excited for Paragon, or do you need to see more? Let us know down in the comments.

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