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Jessica Jones’ Twitter Teases Luke Cage Series for November Release

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Jessica Jones’ Twitter Teases Luke Cage Series for November Release

The 10-month long wait begins now.

The breakaway success of Daredevil on Netflix last year resulted in the series getting a second season. After that we saw Jessica Jones which has performed just as well, if not better, and will also be receiving the season 2 treatment. Marvel and Netflix intend to keep the trend of two series releases per year, and we already know to expect season 2 of Daredevil in March. Luke Cage, who played an active role in Jessica Jones, will get his first season before the year is over, but until now nobody had any idea as to when the Unbreakable Man would grace our televisions.

Earlier today the official Jessica Jones Twitter tweeted out an image of some files on a desk with the accompanying caption, “Alias Investigations, how can I help you?”

The folder on top says “Hope – missing” which is likely a reference to the character Hope Shlottman, whose case Jessica took on in her series. The other file is much more interesting, reading “Cage – November”. Seeing as Jessica Jones premiered in November 2015, a November 2016 release for Luke Cage’s standalone series would make sense. We still don’t have a concrete release date, but seeing that November is still nearly a year away, there’s plenty of time for that in the coming months.

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