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25 of the Best Halo 5 Forge Maps


25 of the Best Halo 5 Forge Maps

Some of the best custom games and maps available now!

Halo 5’s forge feature launched last December, and already people are starting to put together some pretty creative maps. Much like Halo 4, 343i has already started to include forge maps in a custom playlist called “Community Breakout” where players can vote on their favorite forge maps. They have also indicated that these maps may be mixed into regular match-making in”dedicated weekend socials.”

However, if you aren’t interested in waiting for 343i to start mixing in Forge maps, they are always available to play in the Custom Game menu if you have friends to play with. In order to download a forge map, you must first be friends with the maker of the map on Xbox Live. Then from the Custom Game menu, press x. Hit RB to access your friends list and select the make of the map you wish to play on. A menu should pop up that has the option Map Variants. Click A and select the map from the list that you would like to play.

Check out the list for maps that are re-creations of old Halo maps, ones that are inspired by other franchises, custom game types that play with new gameplay mechanics in Halo 5, and a wellspring of other imaginative forge maps.

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