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There Can Be No Peace Until These 10 Franchises Get a Telltale Game


There Can Be No Peace Until These 10 Franchises Get a Telltale Game

More episodic goodness, please!

Rick and Morty


rick and morty, telltale games, series, episodes

Telltale has proven itself as a studio that can pull off the weird humor of a number of different series. Rick and Morty has an bizarre, off-the-wall comic style that Telltale pulled off in Sam & Max and the most recent hit, Tales from the Borderlands. With enough possibilities in the world of Rick and Morty for Telltale to weave their own individual story, the popular TV show seems like a perfect match for Telltale’s episodic releases.

Combine that with the fact that Rick and Morty began its life on screen as a crude parody of Back to the Future, a franchise that Telltale has already worked with, and that means plenty of throwback jokes could be in store.


futurama, telltale games, series, episodes

Futurama fans collectively lose their shit every time that something new to do with the Planet Express team is announced. With Telltale having already worked with Billy West (the voice actor for a huge number of characters in Futurama) as the narrator on Minecraft: Story Mode, this suggestion may not be a million miles away from actually happening.

With Futurama literally spanning an entire universe, Telltale would have plenty of opportunities to bring in fan favorite characters and combine them with completely new plotlines and planets. Fancy heading back to Nibbler’s home planet? Or maybe taking a quick journey over to the amusement park on the moon? With such a rich and diverse world created by Groening and Cohen, there are plenty of avenues that Telltale could explore with the Futurama franchise, and we think it would turn out pretty spectacularly.

Band of Brothers

band of brothers, telltale games, series, episodes

This may seem like a rather odd entry but just hear us out. Band of Brothers is one of the most perfectly directed shows to have ever graced our TVs. It explored the realness of the largest war the world has ever seen and in no way attempted to glorify it. This is something that Valiant Hearts also explored back in 2014, and it turned out to be a great hit.

With the memorable characters of this Spielberg-directed show, the pivotal moments and deep, emotional storyline, this could be an opportunity for Telltale to try their hand at something a little more serious. A project like this would have to be handled pretty delicately, and if anyone could retell the gritty story of Band of Brothers, we believe Telltale is the team to pull it off.


avengers, telltale games, series, episodes

With Telltale announcing its partnership with Marvel, this one seems like a no-brainer. Bringing us the witty humor of the Avengers as they take on a new evil in a story unrelated to the MCU again seems like a perfect fit for the kind of humor that Telltale has a proven track record that it can pull off.

Picture an episodic series that tells the story of the Avengers or a different member of the Avengers in each episode, with them all coming together in the finale to take down a threat once and for all. The episodic format for Telltale’s games seems like a perfect fit for any of Marvel’s properties considering they could ultimately tell a story in a similar format to a series of comic books. Considering the partnership is already in place, there’s a good chance we could see this coming to fruition.

The Hulk

hulk, telltale games, series, episodes

Yes, the Hulk is part of the Avengers, but this could be a prime opportunity to get a Hulk series with Mark Ruffalo and explore the story of everyone’s favorite giant green man within the context of the Marvel Comic Universe (MCU).

With Thor: Ragnarok releasing November 2017 and confirmed to focus on the emerging friendship of Thor and Bruce Banner, it could be a perfect build-up into a game that bridges the gap for Hulk between Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. This might be a possibility, if a bit of a stretch. Stranger things have happened, though


fallout, telltale games, series, episodes

Bethesda’s Fallout series has an incredibly rich and diverse world which spans the entirety of the United States and possibly even further beyond that, depending how far Vault-Tec managed to expand prior to the bomb drops. With that in mind, Telltale has the possibility of exploring a number of different avenues when it comes to one of gaming’s most prominent series.

A Telltale Fallout could explore life inside a vault, delving into Vault-Tec experimentation, or they could take it out into the familiar Wasteland we’ve already seen take over Boston and Washington DC. Alternatively, we could meet an entirely new Wasteland and and a whole new series of characters exploring the recovering world for the first time. Perhaps we’d help decide where to set up their next settlement, who should be allowed in to our new Wasteland family, and basically survive the large number of threats out in the radioactive world.

Dead Space

dead space, telltale games, series, episodes

The Dead Space series has some really interesting story at its heart, and while Telltale hasn’t dipped into the horror genre in their episodic games, we’d love to see them explore the outbreak story of just how the Ishimura came to wreak havoc on the ships. It’s a topic that hasn’t really been fleshed out all that much in the series, and it’s an atmospheric story that could really mesh with Telltale.

It’s definitely one of the more unrealistic ideas, but if EA was interested in bringing the series back, it would be a fantastic way of getting people interested once more in the sci-fi horror series.

Kerbal Space Program

kerbal space program, telltale games, series, episodes

Kerbal Space Program finally launched out of beta in 2015, and we’ve spent so much failing at spacecraft that we’re pretty sure you need a physics degree to do things properly. Kerbal may be devilishly tricky to truly explore the scale of freedom that the game offers, but it has charm by the bucket-load and many would love to find out more about our cheery little astronauts.

With there being no existing story to the Kerbal universe, this would give Telltale the freedom to let their imaginations run wild. We’re pretty sure that those little Kerbal creatures would be gaming’s equivalent of Minions, so there’s going to be plenty of laughs to be had as they explore space and try and colonize local planets. Here’s hoping we can explore the solar system and more of the Kerbal universe in a Telltale series soon.

Mad Max

Mad Max, telltale, games, episodic, series

With the success of Mad Max: Fury Road in cinemas, and the latest game release actually being pretty darn good, we’d love to see Telltale take on the story of Max, Furiosa and the rest of the team from Fury Road and give us an opportunity to play through some of the most memorable moments from the movie. This could also include an opportunity to give us a bit of the back story of each of these characters and detailing the events following the film.

Alternatively, Telltale has a lot of free reign in the world and could even look at the best moments from the entire film collection, although with the popularity of Fury Road and Furiosa as a character, Telltale would probably be best sticking with the most recent entry into the series.

Mr. Robot
mr robot, telltale games, series, episodes

Mr. Robot hit TV screens last year and blew critics and viewers away with its interesting characters, unique story and mind-blowing plot twists. With Telltale having turned Game of Thrones into an episodic game series, we’re pretty sure they could do the same with Mr. Robot. While very little is known as to what direction the show would go in its second season, it’s difficult to predict exactly what material Telltale could base their a title on.

However, putting us in the shoes of a new member of society and helping to set up the hacks, doing the research and implementing all of  the plans sounds like an exciting new avenue for Telltale to explore. They’ve dabbled in the mystery/ investigation genre before with The Wolf Among Us, but with Mr. Robot being something unlike anything else out there at the moment, it’d be interesting to see them take on the mature sci-fi series.

Have we missed any franchises you’d like to see Telltale take on and turn into an episodic series? Particularly agree with one of the entries in our list? Let us know in the comments below.


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