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Final Fantasy Explorers Details Legacy Characters and Abilities

Final Fantasy Explorers, Cloud

Final Fantasy Explorers Details Legacy Characters and Abilities

No love for Final Fantasy IX.

The latest Final Fantasy spin-off game is hitting store shelves next week in the form of Final Fantasy Explorers, within which you can transform into classic characters from the franchise and utilize some of their best moves to aid you. Square Enix has just released a new trailer that looks at the legacies you can find in the game including some of those iconic characters, legendary Eidolons, and classic monsters which can be captured and trained.

Additionally they have detailed each classic character that can appear in Final Fantasy Explorers, and what ability they’ll be packing with them.

Just in case that image isn’t big enough for you, here’s the full breakdown:

  • Final Fantasy IV: Cecil Harvey – Soul Shift: Slams foes with darkness before slashing them with a cross of light
  • Final Fantasy V: Bartz Klauser – Master Mime: A powerful combo that changes elements with each blow
  • Final Fantasy VI: Terra Branford – Riot Blade: Fire a blast of magic in the form of sharp blades
  • Final Fantasy VII: Cloud Strife – Omnislash: Cleave enemies with a blinding flurry of slashes
  • Final Fantasy VII: Tifa Lockhart – Final Heaven: Concentrate a mass of light for a powerful explosive punch
  • Final Fantasy VII: Aerith Gainsborough – Great Gospel: Completely heals all allies’ HP and status ailments
  • Final Fantasy VIII: Squall Leonheart – Lionheart: Use a unique blade to deliver a glorious combo
  • Final Fantasy X: Tidus – Blitz Ace: Deliver a flurry of attacks before a dazzling final strike
  • Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna – Great Whirl: A powerful non-elemental attack inflicting multiple hits
  • Final Fantasy XII: Vaan – Luminescence: Launch beams of light from an energy sphere
  • Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning – Gestalt Drive: A powerful combo that pumps bullets into foes before you charge in and finish them

Keep watch for our coverage on Final Fantasy Explorers when it launches Jan. 26 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.

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