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FFXIV’s Yoshida Talks AST Changes, Branching Job Classes, and Raid Tweaks

FFXIV Astrologian

FFXIV’s Yoshida Talks AST Changes, Branching Job Classes, and Raid Tweaks

(Some) changes are on the way.

Final Fantasy XIV’s director Naoki Yoshida recently had the chance to respond to fan questions submitted and presented by Japanese website, 4Gamer. The interview, translated by BG Forum user Slycer, sheds more light on what fans should (and shouldn’t expect) in the future for major FFXIV features such as job adjustments and the Alexander Raid.

Most notably, Yoshida effectively shut down the idea of further branching out jobs to add more individuality in FFXIV. Essentially, if you want a new/different experience, you’re probably better off just starting a new job. Here’s what Yoshida had to say via 4Gamer/BG Forums:

“We got several posts from players who wanted to be able to customize not only their character’s appearance but also their skills and equipment for a particular job so that they could show some more individuality. This is a topic we’ve seen come up since the initial release of A Realm Reborn.

Yoshida: Right. So, if we did something like add mode A and mode B for dragoon, eventually people on the internet would examine them and choose which one was stronger. Then, when we created new content, the content would have to be based on whatever was strongest. There would be a lot of discussion about the job states like “that job is too strong” or “that job is too weak” and people would always choose what they felt was best. That’s not to say a skill system like that would be negative, but the armoury system itself already allows you to play all of the different jobs. Since we already have that system in place, I’m not expecting that we’ll make branches for jobs for the time being.” via BG Forums, translation by Slycer


Also, Yoshida discussed the Astrologian (AST), a job that is viewed by some to be inferior to other healing jobs such as White Mage and Scholar (especially on the hardest content). Yoshida is keeping an eye on AST, but is being careful not to be too hasty, and make the job overpowered:

“Along with the questions about content difficulty, we also received posts about job balance. In particular, we saw feedback about astrologian that it is not a job that is often recruited and that the enmity rises too quickly. Will you be making adjustments to address either of these?

Yoshida: We’ll be making adjustments for the balance of all jobs, not just astrologian, in the future. Specifically for astrologian, I think there’s still a considerable difference in skill among players. It’s been said that scholars provide better stability in fights like the Thordan battle. However, I’ve encountered some very good astrologians myself while farming the fight, so we’ll be carefully considering adjustments.

What needs to happen to dispel that image?

Yoshida: Well, not just for astrologian, but for FFXIV in general to avoid classes becoming overpowered I think it’s best to not make hasty adjustments. Although we could change the image more quickly by making it necessary in certain content, that would have a large impact, so we believe the only way to change the image is by continuing to make adjustments gradually over time.via BG Forums, translation by Slycer


The interview also provided more details on the previously announced changes to the Alexander Gordias (Savage). In the interview, Yoshida breaks down their testing process in great detail (definitely worth the read). The most important take away though is that Yoshida and co. learned their lesson from the implementation of battles three and four in the first Alexander Savage; and that is why they are making things less DPS check intensive this time around:

“It sounds like it would be difficult to provide something to satisfy all players at once. Of course, all players want something for themselves at the time of the updates. You also spoke about making the difficulty of the next portion of Alexander a bit gentler, can you speak on that?

Yoshida: We’ve already set up the mechanics planned for the next release of Alexander in patch 3.2. Right now we’re talking through the last few compromises, but we have lowered the DPS check.

It will be a little more lenient?

Yoshida: We already have some very skilled players who have been raiding for a long time. So rather than referring to it as making the fights easier, we’ll be gradually adjusting the difficulty of completing them by loosening up the DPS check. In a nutshell, it will be less severe than the third and fourth battles of savage Alexander Gordias. There will also be things that change up the formula in patch 3.2 such as the new materia specifications and changes to crafter-produced accessories with respect to tanks. So we feel like the flow of clear progression will change a bit, although that shouldn’t much change how long it takes to get through all the sections.” via BG Forums, translation by Slycer


You can read the full English translated version of the interview at BG Forums. It’s definitely worth a look if you want the full breakdown on why Yoshida feels strongly about the changes to Alexander Gordias (Savage), and to get a feel for some of the smaller changes that are coming to FFXIV such new flying mounts, and potential spectator modes for Wolves Den and PvE.

What changes would you like to see implemented in FFXIV? Let us know in the comments.

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