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What Is the Suicide Squad? Everything You Need to Know


What Is the Suicide Squad? Everything You Need to Know

Get to know the worst heroes ever.

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Who is he: Floyd Lawton, a hired gun who constantly boasts that he never misses his target. As a child, he tried to kill his abusive father, but ended up shooting his brother instead. He’s commonly known for his complete disregard for his own life and his obsession with Batman, the only target he’s missed. He joined the Suicide Squad in order to fulfill his death wish, but those clearly haven’t killed him yet.

Where you’ve seen him before: The assassin has commonly been associated with Batman, appearing in the Arkham games as a villain during the side missions of City and Origins. He’s also been in the Assault on Arkham animated film, where Batman does him a solid and gives him a clear shot at Amanda Waller. Outside of those, Deadshot was in the CW’s Arrow for the first three seasons, first as a villain, then as a member of the Squad. When Deadshot was revealed to be among the cast of the film, Arrow’s Deadshot had to be killed.

In the film, Deadshot will be played by Will Smith. Like the comics version, it looks like he’ll have a daughter, though how long she’ll be in the film is unknown. Smith has said that Lawton and Harley Quinn will be “allies” in the film.

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