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Dying Light’s Nightmare Difficulty Mode Will Be as Punishing as It Sounds

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Dying Light’s Nightmare Difficulty Mode Will Be as Punishing as It Sounds

Survive the nightmare.

Today, Dying Light developer Techland took to its YouTube channel to provide more details on the Nightmare difficulty mode which will come as part of the Enhanced Edition of the game.

Dying Light: The Following- Enhanced Edition won’t just package a complete version of the standard game with all of the previous DLC, and upcoming expansion The Following. Today Techland has shed light on a brand new difficulty level to coming the game’s story mode.

The Nightmare difficulty setting takes all the things the Hard mode did to test your skills and makes things even more difficult with a couple further additions. Firstly the enemies will be much stronger than they were on Hard, making entering into combat a risky move. Running into battle is definitely not advised now, as Nightmare mode also means that active skills use up stamina. Oh, and if you thought you’d use one of the Easter Egg weapons to make it easier, they’re not allowed. Lastly, each death will lose all the current experience points above your current level, so try your best to not die.

So why should you play this mode? Well, you will gain experience points at a much faster rate and earn a 10% experience bonus for each co-op partner you have playing with you. Meaning if you managed to get a group of four of you playing together you’d all be grabbing a 30% experience boost as you play.

You can check out the new trailer detailing the Nightmare mode down below.

The Nightmare difficulty setting is part of the Enhanced Edition, which launches Feb. 9 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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