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20 Series That Need the LEGO Treatment


20 Series That Need the LEGO Treatment

We’d need a ton of bricks for these games

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futurama, lego

Things just haven’t been the same since Futurama was cancelled for a second time. So it only seems fitting that the fans get a game to truly preserve all the great times with the Planet Express team. With an entire universe of goofy characters and strange lands, Futurama seems like the kind of franchise that would suit being turned to LEGO.

A game that revisits all of the best parts of the TV series and the feature-length episodes would be a joy, but a game based on an entirely new storyline wouldn’t hurt either. With the streets of New New York as our hub world, and all manner of alien characters filling up the roster, a LEGO adventure into the future sounds good to us. Just bring in the original voice cast to give the game a truly authentic feel and fans would surely be on board.

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