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Two New Playable Characters Revealed For Battleborn

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Two New Playable Characters Revealed For Battleborn

Battleborn’s colorful cast grows even larger.

Battleborn, the new hero based team-shooter from Gearbox Software is fast approaching with its May 3 release date. At PlayStation Experience earlier this month we saw an announcement of a new character who’s a penguin in a mech suit, now IGN has been given the lowdown on two brand new characters. The information and screenshots come courtesy of IGN.

First up is Ghalt, the first of the 25 Battleborn. Ghalt is what’s called a Peacekeeper, he’s a military man that’s seen war firsthand time and again. He’s also seen as a good guy and quite the leader. Battleborn’s story revolves around a star swallowing darkness that’s emerged, and Ghalt is one of the first to respond to the cataclysmic event.

Ghalt realizes that everyone will have to live together or die alone with the impending darkness, so he calls in all of his favors and forms the Battleborn. Gearbox says that Ghalt is one of the central pillars of Battleborn’s story.

Gameplay wise Ghalt is a powerful character, he’s the hook and trap specialist for the team and can blast enemies away with his shotgun. A good strategy is to set up a trap, then yank an enemy into the trap with Ghalt’s hook and unload on them with his shotgun in the meantime. For his ultimate Ghalt pulls out a second shotgun, doubling his destructive power.

Battleborn Ghalt

The second character revealed is Deande, The Jennerit Spymaster. She’s part of the 20,000 year old Jennerit Empire, of which she’s been the spymaster for 1,000 years. The Jennerit have discovered a process called Sustainment which can basically make someone in their civilization immortal. It’s an expensive process however, meaning that only high figures in Jennerit government or society can afford it.

Deande’s role serves along with the villain of the game at first, but she later joins Ghalt in an effort to fight Lord Commander Lothar Rendain who has overthrown the Empress of Jennerit and allied with the star consuming bad guys.

Deande is a stealth and assassin type character, who uses her iron-tipped fans to slice and throw at her opponents. She can use a special ability to clone herself on the battlefield, making her twice as dangerous. Gearbox says that Deande’s clone won’t just run ahead or be stationary like you’d expect, but that she’ll move and use abilities like a player character would. Deande can also turn invisible for sneaking, and her ultimate ability stuns enemies while she bounces around inflicting ten different strikes.

Battleborn Deande


Battleborn is launching on May 3, 2016 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. You’ll start the game with seven playable characters, and will unlock the rest of the 25 as you play through the story and progress. What do you think about Ghalt and Deande? Are you sold on Battleborn, or still trying to decide about the game? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and check out our preview of the game from PAX Prime.


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