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The 7 Best Game Developers of 2015


The 7 Best Game Developers of 2015

Talented developers have really shown their stuff in 2015.

DontNod Entertainment

life is strange

DontNod took everyone by surprise this year, with their remarkably emotional hit Life is Strange. An episodic series that focuses on the life of a girl named Max as she tries to survive high school and finds out she has a strange ability to rewind time.

With choices that carry real weight behind them, Life is Strange managed to tackle some surprisingly heavy topics. Throughout the experience Life is Strange managed to tug at our heartstrings and made us really think through the choices we were making.

Max and Chloe build a relationship over the course of the series’ five episodes, and Life is Strange displays a level of character development not often found in games. The game manages to make you care about Max and those around her, and DontNod manages to bring a level of emotion and care to the game that few other episodic series and games have. Life is Strange is a fine example of how to do character development in video games.

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