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The 5 Best FPS and TPS Games of 2015


The 5 Best FPS and TPS Games of 2015

Run and gun for fun.

Black Ops 3

call of duty black ops 3 voice actors cast

The Call of Duty series has been going on for well over a decade at this point, and the shooter franchise has had its ups and downs in that time. Treyarch has been around since the early days, and they’ve come a long way in proving themselves as worthy with the Black Ops games. The question with them becomes less about if Black Ops 3 is better than last year’s Advanced Warfare and more about is it better than 2012’s Black Ops 2? To which the answer is:

Hell. Yes.

It’s easy to look at Black Ops 3 and see that not a lot has changed, and that’s certainly true, but not entirely. Sure, you’re still going through a roller coaster of action events that defy all logic in the single player, still swapping out guns and perks in the multiplayer. The new “additions,” like a robot arm that shoots fireflies or being able to wall run, are just extensions on what you’ve previously been able to do in other games, but they definitely add to the fun of it all. Shooting up robots certainly never gets old, and the array of weapons at your disposal here are all pretty great, and Zombies continues to be a delight. If the series is going to keep continuing, Treyarch is at least making sure to keep them fun.

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