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Shout-Out to All the Elves in Gaming


Shout-Out to All the Elves in Gaming


It’s almost Christmas, a time for family, friends, togetherness. It’s truly the happiest time of year, the holiday season. But there are some people that are overlooked. We don’t appreciate all the work they do, day in and day out, to prepare for that very fateful day: Christmas elves.

Well, we here at Twinfinite aren’t ones to forget the unsung heroes of the holidays. Thank you to each and every elf in gaming. You are all the real MVPs.

Zevran, you’s a freak.


Sera, hardly anyone could understand your accent.


Iorveth, you were cool. Your bandana was cool.

Witcher-2-Iorveth - Edited

Legolas, you were basically the best warrior out of the ones that offered to help Frodo. We all play along and act like Gimli and that other guy matter, but nobody’s going around dressing up as a human or a dwarf for Halloween, you know?

Legolas-Lego-version-legolas-greenleaf-34372350-1280-720 - Edited

Shut up, Adoring Fan from Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Your hair bothered us all.

Adoring-Fan - Edited

Saria, you were the best side chick around. Honestly, it’s a tragedy you’re not the canon OTP. Still not over that.

1_saria2 - Edited

Sylvanas, honestly, there’s nothing left to say about you. You’re a total badass. Like, even your name. Even your name is badass.

sylvanas - Edited

Cheers to the rest. There’s too many to mention in just one post and, frankly, it’d be weird to make multiple posts about this. But shout-out to the elves in gaming. Thanks for the gifts. Or whatever you do. Are you the same as Keebler elves? Could you make me cookies?

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