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Nick Cannon Says “RadioShack Is Back” (No, Really)


Nick Cannon Says “RadioShack Is Back” (No, Really)

This is not a drill.

If you never thought you’d hear the words “RadioShack is back” uttered by an actual sentient being, you definitely didn’t expect to hear it from Nick Cannon, who just joined the retailer as their new Chief Creative Officer.

Cannon is looking to redefine RadioShack, a retailer popularly synonymous with triple A batteries, walkie-talkies, and a distant 90s tech fever dream. He’ll be working with the company to create exclusive products and start “curating the in-store experience” with performances, events and custom playlists. RadioShack will also be launching further education and STEM initiatives with Cannon’s help.

The celeb turned mogul has dipped his toe into all kinds of entertainment these past years. He hosts America’s Got Talent, he’s the chairman of TeenNick, he created his own headphone line, and now he has a clear goal for RadioShack. “I want people to understand that it’s a brand that is innovative,” Cannon said. “It’s for the thinkers and the doers of today’s Millennial generation.”

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