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5 Holiday Gift Ideas Marvel Universe Fans Will Love


5 Holiday Gift Ideas Marvel Universe Fans Will Love


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Ant-Man Action FigureMarvel’s tiniest hero had a big movie hit theaters earlier this year, and now you can hold him in your hand. Just, y’know, without his shrinking abilities. Or without his kind of adorable ants, sadly.

Dancing Groot Funko Pop: What could be more adorable than a Baby Groot? How about a festive Baby Groot?

Ultron Funko PopThe Funko action doesn’t stop with Groot. Why not get a figure of the robotic villain and creepily play Pinocchio music? It’s certainly a way to wake up the kids or loved one?

Ant Man/Antony Funko PopC’mon, admit it. You totally want a Funko figure of Ant-Man riding Antony. It’s okay, no one blames you. Antony was pretty sweet.

Captain America Winter Soldier Action FigureThe stealth suit is easily one of Cap’s best looking costumes, so why not get an action figure of it and pull off those acrobatic moves he did in the films?

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