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Why Life is Strange Should Be Game of the Year


Why Life is Strange Should Be Game of the Year

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It’s currently Twinfinite’s Game of the Year week! All week long, our Editors and Writers will be nominating games from this year that stood out in 2015. Today, Yamilia Avendano tells us why Life is Strange is worthy of being Twinfinite’s 2015 Game of the Year.

Life Is Strange released just this year and already its main characters, Max and Chloe, can be considered iconic for gaming. Max is the “every girl” that draws players in and helps them relate to the otherwise fantastical situations happening all around. Chloe, by the end of the game, feels as though she is genuinely your best friend through it all. And there is a multitude of other characters that you would think wouldn’t really matter but still illicit a response.

It’s very easy for side characters to just have existed in the game and you never really interacted with them, but by the end of the game, you’ll have known everyone in the small town. You’ll have been able to learn more about them personally, be taken into their own world that’s just a piece of the greater one around. Whether you say, “Oh, I hated her,” or, “Oh, I remember that guy,” every single character felt like they mattered in the town. They felt like classmates and neighbors, even when they didn’t have many lines.

But, seriously, Max and Chloe. These two have the dynamic duo chemistry down and through it all you’ll be rooting for them to succeed. You’ll relate to Max’s outsider look at life back in Blackwell, you’ll find her hipster charm endearing and not at all annoying, and you’ll make decisions through her that will really have you sympathizing with her plight. Chloe’s troubled, outsider soul, obnoxious demeanor, and her genuine love of her best friend will drag you in, too. Whether you empathize because you get what it’s like to be either of them or you understand the universal feeling of having that someone to lean on, you’ll be rooting for those two underdogs. You will thoroughly enjoy remembering what it was like to enjoy your friend’s company so much, to adventure before responsibilities, and what it was like when every feeling was magnified by hormones.

Plus, superpowers.

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