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Just Cause 3: How to Get the DK Pistol and Fill Heads With Helium


Just Cause 3: How to Get the DK Pistol and Fill Heads With Helium

Nice way to make headshots easier.

Just when you thought you’ve found everything Just Cause 3 has to offer, it goes and gives you another little treat. This time it’s a pistol that may not seem like much, but it has helium rounds make anything you shoot have a much bigger head.

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Make your way to Vico Platessa, which is a small settlement located in Insula Dracon (the southwestern group of islands) just north of Trio. It’s an easy to liberate location having only two speaker towers and one billboard. You can clear it without alerting a soul if you just place a couple of tethers and pull everything down at the same time.

Once that’s done, look for the area near the docs that has a pile of rubble between two buildings. You’ll wan’t to climb onto the pink-ish building in the below image and onto the slab of concrete located up there. It is in this spot that you’ll find the DK Pistol that you’re looking for.

Just Cause 3_20151204125036

The gun has unlimited ammunition and doesn’t seem to aggravate anyone shot with it. While it can’t kill, it has the hilarious side effect of expanding heads (including animals). Equipping the DK Pistol in Just Cause 3 will also make Rico’s head swell up to match his ego. It’s a nice little nod to Goldeneye OO7’s DK mode (which in turn was a nod to Donkey Kong), and really fun to do.

To sweeten the deal, the heads aren’t actually just bigger, they’re balloons. If you tether one of your inflated targets to something and then reel it in a bit, they’ll float just like any other helium balloon. You get to create your own sick party in a settlement and the civilians can be your decorations. If you have enough humans around, you can create a sort of makeshift Fulton Device (MGS V: TPP) to lift heavy objects.

Just Cause 3_20151204125132

It’s a pretty neat weapon if not a little weird, but it fits in perfectly with everything Just Cause 3 has thrown at us so far. Have you found this insane little weapon? Enjoying all the things it can do? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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