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Destiny: TTK Changed the Game and Should Get All Our Recognition


Destiny: TTK Changed the Game and Should Get All Our Recognition

It won’t be our Game of the Year but that doesn’t mean it didn’t make an impact.

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This week we’re nominating 2015 releases that are worthy of being in the discussion for Twinfinite’s 2015 Game of the Year Award. Destiny: The Taken King, won’t be a part of that discussion. Being as it is an expansion for a game that was released in 2014, we instead regulated it to our best expansion and DLC list of 2015.

Still, before we move into Destiny’s uncertain future in 2016, it’s worth looking back and appreciating just how much TTK transformed Destiny into something a lot better than what it was.


Obviously any time you launch a game, it’s critical that it succeeds. But The Taken King had added responsibility. It needed to have enough oomph to carry Destiny through at least another half of a year if not longer to bridge it into whatever Bungie has in store for 2016. Plenty of people were still passionate about Destiny going into the TTK’s launch, but if it turned out to be a disaster, Destiny may have been a rotting corpse of a game by the time Destiny 2 hit.

Luckily, for everyone involved, that didn’t happen. Let’s revisit why Destiny: The Taken King was not only a great and critical expansion for Destiny, but also how it was an impactful game (period) this year. 

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