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Can ESO’s Million Dollar Giveaway Save it?

"Dude, I just found a million dollars..."

Can ESO’s Million Dollar Giveaway Save it?

Why give away a million dollars when you can spend that money on expansion?

“Dude, I just found a Million Dollars…”

Not long ago The Elder Scrolls Online launched the #MillionReasonsToPlay promotional campaign to shore up excitement around the game. And while fans and newcomers gave some great reasons to play the game, they pale in comparison to  Zenimax Online Studios latest pitch: one million dollars. It seems Bethesda is doubling down on Zenimax and their project, despite lingering speculations about the game’s future. But should they be? The developers boasted about their beta statistics back in 2014 but its safe to say that there aren’t five million active players today, on the PC servers that is. Have the issues and shortcomings that drove away that eager player base been resolved? Or is ESO just buying friends and hoping a few will stick around when the check’s been cashed?

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