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6 Things We Want to See From Xbox in 2016


6 Things We Want to See From Xbox in 2016

Can 2016 go bigger?

Xbox had a 2015 lineup that was filled with great exclusives and hearty system updates. We saw backwards compatibility make its way onto the console, the New Xbox One Experience that introduced Windows 10, and the much awaited launch of Halo 5: Guardians! For a full recap on just how great a year 2015 was for our friends at Microsoft check out our year in review.

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Despite the valiant effort to make up ground on their competition, the Xbox One is still lagging behind in sales. However, momentum for the console has been building since E3 2014, and 2016 can bring about even more great additions to an already solid console. So let’s take a look at 6 things we’d like to see from Xbox in 2016!

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