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The 7 Best Action Games of 2015


The 7 Best Action Games of 2015

So many different levels of excitement.

Dying Light


Dying Light was the first major game to release in 2015 and many never anticipated it. Here was yet another zombie game that played a bit like that other zombie game that not everyone was too fond of. You ran around an open world and put weapons together using parts, but something else was thrown into the mix: movement.

Dying Light’s combination of seamless parkour, badass combat, a dense open world, and tons of ways to die made for 20+ hours of grueling, yet highly enjoyable, action.

And if running through the coastal country while watching the beautiful sunset wasn’t enough to get your juices flowing, then just stick around until night. You’ll want to spend a bit more time making some high-powered weapons if you are to have any hope of dealing with what lurked in the darkness.

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