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Twitch Chat Is Now Playing Lara Croft Go


Twitch Chat Is Now Playing Lara Croft Go

Another challenge for Twitch chat.

You are now able to play Lara Croft Go as part of a group, as Square Enix has created a Twitch Plays live stream for the mobile game.

Square Enix has planned well, showcasing underneath the video player what needs to be typed in Twitch chat to perform a specific movement. For example, typing “mur” in chat will move Lara to the upper right tile from her current location. With the isometric style of Lara Croft Go, it is fairly easy to understand what message triggers what movement. The vase collectibles can also become visible via the chat.

The idea of playing games first became popular with Twitch Plays Pokemon in early 2014, where over one million people took part in a game of Pokemon Red by typing in the streams chat. After completion, they went through other games from the Pokemon series, while games like Choice Chamber were born from this idea.

Lara Croft Go itself was originally released three months ago for iOS and Android phones. The game lets the player move between specified tiles, with puzzles and enemies included to make you think first where you move to. Like Hitman Go, which Square Enix released last year, the game was well received by critics.

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